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Professional Cleaning ServicesAre you tired of dealing with multiple service providers when the time to clean your home comes? Then use our all inclusive, bio-friendly cleaning expertise and enjoy an all in-one cleaning experience – from the floors, to the windows and even the oven, we can do it all. And the best part is you can take advantage of great deals and discounts each month, for both domestic and commercial cleaning services.

Services Your Carpet Cleaning London Ltd. provides

These are the main treatments and services we provide, each done by the best team in the business.

  • Carpet cleaning – is a service that has been optimized to deliver the best cleaning for all carpet types, free of any stains and gunk, using a fine selection of professional grade equipment and detergents. Regardless of size or location, we can perform deep cleaning procedures, with stain removal and drying of the fibers included.
  • Upholstery cleaning – with this treatment you won’t have to worry about stains or odours on your favorite sofa, we fully extract them while keeping the colours and textures of the upholstery intact and more protected from further contamination than ever. With all natural products, we can do miracles, prolonging the life of your furniture by 35%.
  • Rug cleaning – whenever your special Persian rugs get dirty, you can turn to us and our more than 10 years of expertise in the proper cleaning of exotic and expensive belongings. With consideration to the delicate textiles used in the making of the rug, we can ensure the full and complete extraction of dirt and stains, and the preservation of quality.
  • Curtains cleaning – don’t waste time on cleaning your own curtains or drapery, let the professionals do it and do it fast and efficiently. No longer will you have to tolerate smells or discolorations on the curtains, but enjoy their beauty and naturally smelling textiles. We deal with the cleaning, drying and hanging of curtains, all included in the original price.
  • Mattress cleaning – we deal any sort of organic stain or matter, including urine, blood or food leftovers. Included in the service is a full range of deodorizing and disinfecting procedures that provide you and your family or clients with the desired results, without having to use heavy or harmful chemicals. We also do pest removal and extermination as well as prevention.

Additional services Your Carpet Cleaning London Ltd. provides

  • One of cleaning – suitable for tenants, apartment owners or when moving out, this service does it all in one go, no additional bookings or having to deal with other companies, we clean from the kitchen to the bathroom and then back, with all prices fixed and previously stated.
  • Oven cleaning – ensure the best cooking for your family or clients, and get your ovens cleaned today, with an all inclusive cleaning service and special dip and clean methods which optimize and minimize the downtime for a business. We can do weekends and late nights as well as bank holidays.
  • Windows cleaning – with appropriate equipment and prices to accommodate the needs of homes and office buildings, we can do regular or one time window cleanings. We provide all the needed supplies and deal with the equipment and all unpleasant things that surround window cleaning.
  • After builders cleaning – the filth that is left after renovations or construction work is simply overwhelming. Let us deal with that, while you are productive elsewhere or enjoy a nice day off. We can remove any industrial strength stain or dirt, foot traffic and generally deal with all sorts of filth.
  • Bus Cleaning - We offer professional bus cleaning to our important corporate clients. The service is quick, efficient and TOTALLY environmentally friendly. The procedure includes hot water extraction cleaning of the seat belts and seats. Our professionals employ air-mover to speed up the drying process. The drying time for the places is between three and eight hours and it is best to keep few windows open until the seats have totally dried up. Floors get hoovered and cleaned with hot water extraction. Windows get sparkly clean from the within. Have in mind that to be able to carry out the service our expert specialists need entry to water and electricity within FIFTY meter.

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