Expert Carpet & Rug Cleaning Newington Green N16

Your Carpet Cleaning London Ltd. is a genuine company operating within London's borders. With over 10 years of experience we represent a solid choice for taking care of your rugs and carpets in Newington Green N16, as our newly opened branch allows us to be at your doorstep in matter of hours. We offer top quality cleaning services and we don't charge an arm and a leg for it as you can see here.

Carpet Cleaning in Newington Green

To be assured of our uncanny expertise you don't need to listen to us just take a look at what people have said about us at our testimonials page. However if you are looking for a good argument to hire us, here are few:

  • We will be at your doorstep faster than any other cleaning company.
  • High class professional equipment provided by Prochem.
  • Certified and extensively trained technicians with many years of experience.
  • No bait and switch tactics, no hidden charges and fees.
  • 100% guarantee of thorough treatment - if you don't like the reults, just call us back.
  • Green cleaning techniques, treatments entirely safe for children and pets.
  • We rearange the furniture to get access to hard to reach places, then we move it back.
  • We are proficient in removing all kind of stains and spots.
  • Affordable prices and on top of them, combined deals that could save you up to 30%.

We sarted our journey as a strictly carpet cleaning provider, now our portfolio is enalrged, allowing us to provide complete customer care. Apart from our solid rug and carpet procedures we will provide you with some of the best upholstery and furniture washing on the market.

Dry carpet treatment is a procedure getting more and more popularity in recent years. This treatment is also called "absorbent powder cleaning" or "dry powder technique", it allows for a deep clense within shorter time frame, which makes it perfect for treating commercial facilities and offices that could not afford many hours of down time. The lack of drying process allows for immediate usage after the powder has been vacuumed. However more and more households in Newington Green N16 are taking advantage of this method as it is the perfect solution for treating moisture sensitive fabrics as well as last minute clean.

Our steam cleaning treatment is perfect for reducing the allergen levels and improving the inhouse air quality, as the hot water vanquishes any biocontaminants such as mites, bacteria and viruses. Grime and soil are also extracted as this method reaches the bottom fibers of your carpet which hold the most dirt.

Our list of services also include:

  • Drapery care
  • Sofa stain removal
  • Window blinds steaming
  • Hard floor washing
  • Jet Washing services
  • Bed bug prevention
  • Anti static treatments
  • Office Services
  • Kitchen cleaning

Why Us?

We have proven our integriy and our intention to stay in this business for many years to come, this is why we consider our most valuable asset our customers and try to improve our service so you can get even better value for your money. Our technicians follow strict company procedures, allowing us to guarantee you the same high quality to all our clients. The extra step that we are willing to go further so we can provide full customer experience is what divide us from the rest, we don't just take your money, we cultivate a long lasting relationship while delivering superb service on every instance.

However high quality service does not mean high-priced one. As you can see, our rates remain competitive. And this is not all, ask our colleagues at 020 3746 4539 for our combined deals so you can reduce the price of every treatment up to 30%! You can save even more by signing a contract for a seasonal or scheduled maintenance of your property. Get in touch with us now, for a top notch cleaning services in Newington Green N16.

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